You want your child to have the benefits which learning to play a musical instrument brings but don’t know where to start?

Start here! Music lesson presentation video – now available by clicking HERE

Videos about the following instruments (click the instrument name to access the video):

Flute – small version available

Clarinet – small version available

Cornet (or Trumpet, if you already have one) – lighter version available to purchase (HERE)

Trombone – small version available

Alto saxophone – one size only

Guitar – various sizes available

Keyboard/Piano – one size only

Recorder – one size only

Violin – various sizes are available

We’re here to help. We can provide the following services and you are welcome to use as many or as few of these as your family needs.

  • Instrument hire/purchase. We can help you acquire an instrument for your child whether you would like to purchase one or use our hire service. Hiring an instrument enables your child to start music lessons without a major financial outlay.
  • Music. We keep most of the music which your child is likely to need in stock so that it can be supplied easily when needed.
  • Instrument repairs. Instruments will suffer wear and tear and become damaged. We have low-cost or free instrument repairs available in-house. We can frequently lend you a replacement instrument while yours is being repaired.
  • Examinations. Most children like to have a record of their progress and we have developed our own, externally validated, instrumental examinations which are available in all of the schools in which we teach. These are a cost-effective method of charting your child’s progress. Alternatively, we will prepare your child for the examinations of external bodies such as ABRSM or Trinity Music School.
  • Teachers. Of course we will supply a teacher who has a high level of music skills and has supplemented these skills with our training course. All of our teachers have an enthusiasm for teaching children of Primary School age and are DBS checked.
Other relevant information
Pupils who may need adjustments made in order for them to access music lessons

If there is a possibility that your child may find some aspects of learning to play a musical instrument difficult (e.g. they have sight or hearing problems, fine motor coordination is difficult, dyslexia or ADHD etc.) please let us know so that we can make suitable adjustments to the lessons to help them. Please find more information here: Inclusion Policy and  SEND Policy.

The benefits of music

Recently there has been lots of discussion in the music sector about the lack of funding for music in schools and also about the benefits of music tuition to the wider school curriculum. Here we have a link to a BBC News article about Feversham School in Bradford which has turned around the academic performance of it’s pupils with help from music tuition:

How music can benefit the wider school curriculum